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Thread: Dear BMW

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    You are put in charge of BMW, what do you do?

    An interesting thread popped up on the BimmerBoost BMW Performance Forums last week. The question was raised as to what one would do or what their wish list would be if they had the power to influence decisions at BMW. This led to some humorous responses (which you can read in the comments below) and some generally good ideas. So let's say you are put in charge of BMW with nobody to answer to, what do you do?

    This is BimmerBoost's list. Feel free to submit your own:

    1. A new M1. BMW protects the M1 name obviously as an homage to the original M car, the M1 supercar. What is the reason for protecting it if not to use it? BimmerBoost makes the argument that BMW owes us an M1 at this point. The i8 is the perfect opportunity to finally capitalize on what BMW enthusiasts have been waiting decades for. Take an i8, replace the three-cylinder motor with a 350+ horsepower turbo S20 based on the N20 four-cylinder, and increase power from the electric motor. 600+ horsepower all wheel drive 'green' M1 supercar.

    2. An E89 Z4M. What is the freaking hold up? The previous generation Z3 and Z4 models received M variants, why not this one? Especially considering that BMW M is racing a Z4 that they do not sell. Is the M division building Motorsport derived cars or not anymore? What is the point of the badge? BimmerBoost would greenlight a hardtop Z4M with a 3200 pound curb weight, 4.4 liter S65 V8 with a 9000 rpm redline (similar to the V8 already being raced), and the option of a DCT or manual transmission. If the high revving naturally aspirated M motor is being dropped it at least deserves a proper send off that honors BMW M's own history.

    3. No front wheel drive roadsters. Are you kidding me with this garbage? Mini remains Mini and BMW remains BMW. No BMW badged Mini's.

    4. Fire whomever is responsible for designing the 5 GT.

    5. Fire whomever approved the 5 GT for production.

    6. Fire whomever thought making a 3-Series GT after the 5 GT's failure was a good idea.

    7. Fire whomever came up with Active Sound Design.

    8. Fire whomever decided putting the N55 in the 1M was a better idea than a real M engine for what is supposed to be a real M car.

    9. Fire whomever decided repeating the above mistake with the M2 was a good idea.

    10. Fire anyone who disagrees with any of the above firings.

    11. Fire some more people just in case any of the above has not sunk in.

    12. Create an S20 four-cylinder developed by the M division based on the N20 2.0 liter direct injected turbo motor. Enter the four-cylinder power war between AMG and VW and remind the world who the best automotive engine builder on planet earth is.

    13. Bring the M550d models over to the United States. Enough of this idiotic thinking that Americans do not like diesels.

    14. Build an M7. If the M badge is going on everything including SUV's there is no longer an argument for why an M7 should not exist.

    15. Speaking of M badges, stop putting the M badge on everything.

    16. Anything with an M badge has a limited slip differential standard and not as optional equipment for a cash grab. M is supposed to mean something other than money.

    17. Go Black Series hunting.

    18. Punch Chris Bangle in the face.

    Click here to enlarge
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    I actually like Chris Bangle's designs...don't forget he did the E46, which is also one of the prettiest things ever built.

    Having said that.

    I like the way CF is going to be used extensively on the next 5/6/7/8?/9? platform, they should all lose a bunch of weight and gain a bunch of stiffness, making them great to drive. And faster. And more efficient. And safer. I love it. So I'm excited to see where those end up.

    M7 needs to happen. The V12 as it sits now is a monster with a tune...I think Mansory's tune for it in the Ghost gets it to like 730 hp with no other changes. An M version of that engine in a CF 7 series would be just unbelievably crazy. Would make the S63 look like a joke. And the 65.

    I don't get all the hate for the S55...its not just an N55 with a tune. It's almost all new. Let's not forget that even the venerable S38 was an M30 with a twin-cam head essentially and higher compression. Really, the S65, S85, and S70 were the only totally "bespoke" M engines there ever has been. Hell, even the S70 shared some dimensions with the M70. So, let's not jump all over it. Yes, it's not as loud. Welcome to 2014. Engines are FI now...that's just how it goes. With exhaust, it will be plenty loud. It's got tons of power, tons of torque, and unlike some the I6 sound is one of my favorites. Someone over on the other site just ran a 12.1 on the VBox I believe on a $#@!ty road surface in an't be too quick to criticize.

    M5/6 as they are now are fine...they're the best cars in their class. The next gen cars will be face-melting, so I'm good with that.

    Nothing with a BMW badge should ever be FWD...I can't believe I even have to say that. Save that $#@! for a sub-brand. Its just not right. That's the one thing that differentiates them from MB at this point. And I always loved it. Especially not a roadster...that's just asinine. I hope that's a joke.

    Z4M not existing is inexcusable...although hopefully there's a facelift (or new model) coming that will get the M treatment. I just can't believe they're going to completely let that go, given how large of an outcry there's been about this.

    3 Series GT isn't nearly as bad as the 5, but both are ugly. I prefer the wagons, and I think many would...problem is the 3GT is actually selling. So it's sort of self-fulfilling. They'll say it sold better than the wagon did, which is probably true. So technically they are justified if they keep it and not the wagon. But I still think they should import the 3 and 5 wagons.

    I don't mind the 6 GC, but the 4 GC is practically a 3. Like, it's the same thing. I don't get it. They could have made it so much more distinctive. I mean, it's a very cool car...but utterly useless and pointless. So, I wish it didn't exist.

    X7 is necessary...they need to compete with the GL and the bigger domestic SUVs. That's free money waiting to be taken. If you want a new M1 then you need an X7 to fund it. Simple as that.

    I also think M versions of the X5/6 are necessary to compete, and they're great cars so I don't see the point in getting upset about them.

    New M1 should be all new, not just a warmed over i8. Needs an all new bespoke chassis, at least an S63, and all the hybrid ish from the i8. 800+ hp, 3k pounds, game over for everyone in it. 500k would be a bargain for that.

    I like the way the 2 is going, realllllllllly hope the M2 gets an S20, if not I'll be disappointed. That engine needs to exist in the future, better start now. Also it's historically correct to build a 2 liter M I4. So yeah. Do it, BMW. Don't be scared. You can do it.

    That's all I got. Maybe after drinking more at dinner I'll have more ideas.

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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by boostedmaserati Click here to enlarge
    I agree with this. But with some ammendment.

    4) I like gran coupes in the 6 series but that's it. Simply reserve it for the 6 series. The 4 GC is gay and pointless.
    4gc is the best looking one out of all 3/4 series designs. by miles.

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    anything GC is pointless

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